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High-purity distillation system
Patent publication No. 2001-009201
High-purity distillation system
High quality is being demanded in many fields nowadays and so in order to satisfy that we developed a high-purity distillation system in collaboration with Ube Industries, Ltd. and Kanto Chemical Co., Inc. The system is used to refine cleaning solutions for the semiconductor industry, raw materials for drugs, etc. of high purity (residual ion concentration: 0.01 to 1.0 ppb).
  • As it is highly concentrated, the solvent recovery rate is very high with almost 100% being recoverable.
  • In comparison with the conventional ion exchange resin method, product management is easier as the quality is more stable.
  • The cost of environmental measures can be reduced because there is no waste.
  • Various measures with the equipment have been taken to reduce entrainment to the minimum.
  • This system can also be made of Teflon in order to prevent the elution of metal.
  • Demonstrations have already been made with solvents that trigger very rapid decomposition reactions, such as hydrogen peroxide.