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Microwave treatment system
Microwave treatment system
Recently there has been growing interest in environmental issues and attention is being paid to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.
It is currently being considered that industrial microwave treatment will become increasingly important with regard to that. Researching the application of electromagnetic waves in reactions is being discussed as the new technology. It has been reported that when microwaves are used, reaction progresses with no (trace amounts) catalyst, a high yield, and few side reaction products in one thousandth to one tenth of the time required for normal external heating are achievable. As the use of microwaves is a clean, energy-saving technique, we hope that you will consider adoption of this system.
  • Uses heat, pressure, and chemical resistant material.
  • High-temperature, high-pressure treatment can be continuously conducted.
  • Test and batch treatment systems can be also manufactured.
  • The irradiation part uses a non-uniformity correction mechanism.
  • The system can process high-concentration, high-viscosity slurry.
  • This system can also treat samples containing precipitable solids.
  • Acceleration of organic chemical reactions and improvement in yields.
  • Pretreatment of biomass material such as grain residues and waste wood (decomposition and saccharification).
  • Pretreatment of persistent organic wastewater (reduces molecular weight, dissolution, etc.).
  • Continuous sterilization of food and drugs.
  • Extraction of active ingredients from natural materials.
  • Uniform heating of high-viscosity materials.
  • Other materials that require high-temperature, high-pressure treatment in a short period of time.
We have put together a microwave treatment test system that we hope you will try.
Both batch method test machine and pilot scale continuous method test machine are available.