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OS filter (continuous vacuum rotating filter)
OS filter (continuous vacuum rotating filter)01
OS filter (continuous vacuum rotating filter)02
Our OS filter (continuous vacuum rotating filter) is a cylindrical single-chamber type filter made after improving the multi-chamber type Oliver filter, and was developed with the aim of commercializing a simpler model at lower cost in comparison with the Young filter, in which the cylinder is divided into many sections.
It is a continuous vacuum rotating filter that reduces pressure while rotating a single-chamber filtration drum at low speed while filtration takes place on the external surface of the drum.
[General type]
This type performs filtration on the external surface of the drum, and scrapes any attached cake off with a scraper.
[Precoat type]
Filtration commences after a filter aid layer is provided. The precoat layer is continuously scraped little by little with a special auto scraper attached to the surface of the aid, and the cake remains attached to a clean filtration surface. This type is suitable for filtration of difficult to filter material, and has the same structure as the general type with the addition of the scraper.
  • Pressure loss is smaller than that with the multi-chamber type Oliver filter, and therefore, capacity per unit area is larger.
  • No automatic switching valve, such as an automatic valve, is required.
  • No unevenness or slack in the filter fabric, with a simple fixing method being used. And hence the filter fabric has a longer life.
We have a test system with a filtration area of 0.1m2, and have a consultation service available to users.
It has been used in a wide range of fields including food, paper, metal smelting, drugs, wastewater treatment, and general chemical engineering, and is very popular with customers.