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Stationary cryogenic storage tank
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[What is a CE?]
A CE is a stationary cryogenic storage tank that stores the gases that are indispensable to industry (including liquefied oxygen, liquefied nitrogen, liquefied argon, liquefied natural gas, and liquefied carbon dioxide) in a liquid state, maintains them at normal pressure, and automatically supplies them in a liquid or gaseous state continuously or intermittently at a specified pressure and flow rate.
Stainless steel plates are used for the inner tank while rolled general structure steel plates are used for the outer tank, and were designed and manufactured so that high thermal insulation can be maintained. For this reason, the space between the inner tank and the outer tank is filled with a powder heat insulating material of low heat conductivity (pearlite) to minimize the vaporization of liquefied gas, and the space is evacuated to a high pressure vacuum to minimize the penetration of heat.
An internal pipe is installed between the inner tank and outer tank, and is connected to a control pipe (a valve, an instrument, and an automatic regulating valve) attached to the lower part of the outer surface of the outer tank. As a new application these tanks are being used as storage tanks for LCNG stations that supply natural gas for CNG vehicles.