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Cryogenic liquefied gas evaporator
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[What is a CAV?]
A CAV is an air heating evaporator that uses high heat conductivity aluminum star fins, and that gasifies cryogenic liquefied gases such as liquefied oxygen, liquefied nitrogen, liquefied argon, and liquefied natural gas with an air heat source.
Evaporators are required when cryogenic liquefied gas stored in a cold evaporator or a portable cryogenic container needs to be gasified.
Because of the aluminum star fin structure with its excellent low-temperature properties, air can flow from the upper part to the lower, thus causing large-scale natural convection, and resulting in highly-efficient heat exchange.
The star fin material has superior low-temperature strength, and can endure long-term use. No performance deterioration is caused by corrosion or deformation. We have the ES (2 models), the MP (11 models), the SHN (7 models), and the SMP (6 models) as standard products, and the optimum one can be selected from them. The SMP type and SHN type can be used as secure evaporators for ultrahigh pressure and semiconductors as stainless steel pipes are used for the pressure receiving parts.
In addition to air heating evaporators with star fins, we design and manufacture evaporators using water, hot water, steam, electricity, etc. as the heat source. For more details please feel free to contact us.