Product guide

Evaporative concentration equipment
Classification by type of system
Classification by method of operation
  • natural circulation external heating pipe type
  • natural circulation calandria type
  • forced circulation type
  • falling-film type
  • rising film type
  • jacket type
  • coil type
  • single effect evaporator system
  • multiple effect evaporator system
  • auto-vapor mechanical compression system
  • auto-vapor ejector compression system
  • multistage flash system

After taking into consideration of the physical and chemical property of solutions, the desired design conditions, and available utilities, we select the most suitable type of system by utilizing our years of experience and excellent results.
In addition, we can offer designs and manufacturing services that take into careful consideration compactness, energy-efficiency, and automatization.
Calandria type concentration system
While standard calandria type evaporation systems are widely used as the typical concentration evaporator by the various food and chemical industries, we have delivered many of those systems as finishing concentration evaporators especially for sugar solutions and starch syrups.
  • Enables flexible operation with little influence from variations in load and raw solution concentrations because of an adequate amount of solution being held within the system. These systems are also suitable for batch type burning evaporators.
  • Concentrations can be controlled within product specifications by the cascade control using the concentrations of concentrated solution and the raw solution supply and also by the arithmetic control of raw solution concentrations, etc. (Result for sugar solutions: 75}0.2wt%)
  • High-viscosity solutions and solutions that may crystallize can also be utilized by installing a propeller in the evaporator as a forced circulation system.